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OCTOBER 13: NCSF Charity Auction Alanta

OCTOBER 13: The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom needs your body!

The Whippersnappers October play party features a kinky charity service auction to benefit The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, and we need your body for it. That's right, on Friday, October 13th, join us at 1763 to buy or sell tops, bottoms and switches from our community for scenes or service. All proceeds will go to NCSF. This will be an excellent opportunity to practice scene negotiations and to try something new or different. The possibilities for fun are endless while we raise funds to support a good cause!

Bid high and bid often, because every dollar you spend on Whippersnappers Bucks goes to a good cause - sexual freedom.

For those of you ready to bid on all these hot tops and bottoms, here's how it works. You get $20 in Whippersnappers Bucks just for joining us that night. From then on, every 10 US dollars gets you another 50 Whippersnappers Bucks. Use these collectible Whippersnappers Bucks to bid for the scene of your dreams. Combine bids with your friends and come up wiht the best group scene of the night. Special guests will be included in the auction, so be ready!

Doors at 8 PM
Auction begins at 9 PM
Open play 10 PM - 2 AM
$20 for Whippersnappers members, $25 for 1763 members, $30 for guests

First time to Whippersnappers? Buy a one-night Whippersnappers membership for $1! (Entry fee of $20 required, offer good on your first visit only.)

Whippersnappers educational/social pansexual kink group. Our meetings at 1763 are open to those aged 21-39 and their guests. Whippersnappers members may bring in one guest over the age of 39.
Please note, you must be a WS member or a 1763 member to attend this event.

Please keep in mind the 1763 dress code - Neat and well groomed. No strong perfume or cologne. Fetish, formal, leather, latex, vinyl, or business casual is preferred. Sandals, tank tops, shorts, sweat shirts, and jeans are prohibited.

Questions? please write us at
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