Carl Fox (carlfox) wrote in dirtysouth_furs,
Carl Fox

LAST CALL! Megaplex 2006 Pre-Registration

*** REGISTRATION CLOSES 01 MARCH! *** If you haven't gotten your membership, pre-registration will stay open until 01 March. You can sign up for Dealer's Tables and reserve your Megaplex 2006 t-shirt while you're at it! Surf to for information and costs.

Speaking of folks where you spent your spring break with a snazzy Megaplex 2006 t-shirt, featuring the work of our Guest of Honour, Brian Reynolds! Shirts are $12, and available in Small through 2X-Large. Order your shirt when you pre-reg, to guarantee you'll get one - we're pretty much making them to order this year, and may not have many extra to sell at the convention. (And the price will go up at the con, if we do!)

*** DEALERS' ROOM! *** The Dealers' Room replaces the Artist Alley of previous years - by reserving your table, you can keep that table all weekend, and sell third-party merchandise as well as your own work. While we may have an smaller 'artist lounge' at the con, sales will NOT be allowed anywhere else in con space, other than the Dealers' Room.

Tables are only $40 (limit two), and they're still available - you can reserve your table when you register for the con. If you've registered already, contact Karl Meyers at <> and we'll get your table reserved.

More information on programming will be coming shortly...stay tuned!
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