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HELP! Kitten in dire need!

 Tonight a friend and I were walking home from the store and we saw a little group of kittens in the grass of an undeveloped lot. They all started to run and hide in some brush.. except one, it took off in the opposite direction into the highway right in the way of oncoming traffic. A vehicle drove right over the kitten and we thought that was it for the kitty but he escaped unscathed and took off across the road into some bushes. My friend and I followed it across the road. I managed to find it and pick it up with no trouble, the kitten was not feral and was sweet as could be, just scared... But I noticed right off that something was wrong, this poor little kitten had no eyes... Like... NONE.. They were not swollen closed, they are just completely gone, pink holes is all.. Someone put this cat out either with no eyes, or still suffering from whatever sickness took them.

They knew, or hoped, that this kitten and it's litter mates, who they also put out, would die. The results very much look like what I've seen feline herpes lead into... A treatable illness if the owners had just taken the poor baby to the vet. Luckily the other kittens still had eyes, they were too wild for us to catch them without risking their lives so close to the highway, so instead we brought the sightless kitten home.

Now we are at a loss. This kitten needs a forever home, someone who can take care of it with its special needs. A stable environment where it can relax and live a comfortable life. This kitten seems sweet and has not attempted to bite, scratch or even growl. I am already at my max pet allowance, my landlord would not allow me to have another pet, and my friend also has 3 cats and a large dog and will be moving in just a few months. This is not a stable or safe environment for a blind kitten.

We are searching for advice or even someone who would be willing and able to take care of a kitten with special needs. We live in a small town and there are no cat rescues here, the nearest are hours away. The local shelter does not take cats and would simply euthe the kitten as soon as we left, the same would occur at the vet as well, they do not keep surrenders either. We also could not keep up long term treatment, financially.

I really do not want the kitten to have to be put down, as it is friendly, healthy (otherwise), and could have a long and lovely life ahead of it with the right human. Please spread the word about this sweet, unfortunate little life. We live in central Georgia and would be willing to ship or try to meet someone if they do not live too far away (I have to rely on someone else for transport and would not be able to ride for a long distance)
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