Lazer Hyena (goosestep_lion) wrote in dirtysouth_furs,
Lazer Hyena

Christmas Party in Georgia

There will be a Christmas Party at my place this year, time and date to be announced, but I'm just putting out an invitation to anyone who would like to try to make it. Ride assistance is available if needed (You just need to pay some for gas and we will, most likely be able to come pick you up from anywhere in the surrounding area. That includes, but isn't limited to, Dublin, Statesboro, Augusta, and possibly Savannah). The party will have food, movies, video games, drinks (Alcoholic and non), a secret Santa event, and just much awesomeness. More information will be posted when a date is set in stone, but if you have any interest in attending please let me know.

This will be a fur friendly party, so feel free to bring your suits or wear your furry accessories.

Crash space is available for those who may be traveling, just make sure you bring blanket/pillows, as I may not have enough to go around.
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